Principal’s Message

Dear Viewers and Readers,
Warm Greetings!
It is our privilege and pleasure in welcoming you to our small world of learning and teaching fraternity. Education is the most effective tool and technique to transform an individual, a group, a society and the world at large by continuous enrichment of knowledge, understanding application and higher order thinking skill for sustainable learning. Sometimes it is found that a change which is meant for improvement in system and set up for better output is mistaken for pressure ,discomfort and deviations from the beaten path while the change we adopt and accept by understanding through practice yields desired result. Change for better cause has potential to enrich and enhance the quality of thought which steers the course of our actions to realize our inner strength .We as educators and co-partners are on our mission to explore creativity and empower minds and hearts .Let us take a call to sit ,think and work together to create stimulating learning experiences , conditions and climate added with value for building character and positive quality in action, attitude, and approach on and off the campus .This joint venture calls for a conscious effort combined with right process, plan, programme and purpose to deliver our curriculum for holistic development . Let there be a jerk and jolt of learning, unlearning and relearning to reform,reset and refine sense and perception . Students keep on learning by doing through trial and error exercises under careful observation and guidance of mentors as we need to build character and confidence and share our concerns to address them together through valued suggestions and feedback so that we can meet shared goals. With this conviction we practice and perform to make an improvement in quality of thought ,behaviour , action, habit of mind and relationship at large for sustainable learning through activities ,experiments, interactions and class room and campus experiences in safe and supportive environment . We don’t have to teach values separately through text books but they are rather caught than taught through beautiful impressions and inspirations where important roles of parents as co-partners can’t be denied. Let us explore potential and possibilities to nurture talent in bloom to build active and responsible future citizens.
Best wishes for creating a difference in one’s life
Jai Hind!