Chairman’s Desk

Dear Stakeholders and Students,
It is a matter of joy and pride indeed for me to get entrusted with some duties to do my bits to add some colorful feathers in the cap of social progress through our institution at our own level. The most beautiful work if it is there in the world is none other than educating present young minds and hearts for better tomorrow which creates social harmony and progress.
We strongly believe that education is the training of mind, body and soul to create discipline in thoughts, words and actions .Once mind is trained all other things fall in place automatically in proper education system. Our educators and administrators as first line learners are constantly exposed to better pedagogical practice and equipped with fundamental tools and techniques to engage learners, explore their hidden potential and then empower them with higher order thinking skills for better learning effect. Our motto and tagline commands and guides us to learn, lead and serve to make a contribution for peace progress and prosperity in society .I invite and appeal our valued parents as learning partners to suggest and support us for continuous development of our institution .I congratulate every student on every small success to realize inner strength to try for greater achievement in every sphere of life .
Thank you and Jai Hind.
Dr.Sanjay Kumar Singh